Wow Machine Radio Management Live Tweeting Updates Have Ended

Live Tweeting Updates Have Ended

Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations aka TCP / 1111. Quadruple CD set. (compact disc)

Greetings Friends and listeners of Wow Machine Radio!

As you may have noticed, site updates, live shows, and the live, auto-tweeted updates of what is currently playing on the stream have stopped due to changes in Twitter’s API. I doubt live updates on twitter will be returning unless we pay for access, which we can’t do. But I can dust off the old Discord server, and add a page here that will feature a live, updating display of what is currently playing on Wow Machine Radio’s stream.

Meanwhile, the streams are still up although it will be harder to get random listeners from twitter at this time. Although WMR has been streaming non-stop since 2016, currently, listenership is at an all-time low. Starting from zero isn’t ideal, but the foundation of this house is good, and the pivot is still happening. If you are reading this, you can be apart of this rebuilding! Send me a message and let’s talk about your ideas for a podcast, radio show, or audio project!

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