New Comedy Bang Bang Supercut!

One of the requests that have come into the youtube channel after I posted supercuts of Harris Wittels and Paul Rust’s NewNoNos asked for a follow-up featuring one of Paul F. Tompkins earlier characters like John C. Reilly or Ice-T.

Happy to oblige someone else’s CBBWorld addiction, here it is:

Yes, it did turn out a bit longer than the others; I thought about posting it in seperate parts. As I edited them together and tried to take out as much of non JCR related banter that I could manage, something that really upsets some hardcore purists, I started thinking that the last 2/3rds as they are is simply a long live show. As a whole, there is a nice run up with the first appearances in the early days that have some nice callbacks in the live shows.

I need to admit that when I first heard PFT’s impression of JCR, I really thought it was John C. Reilly doing ‘himself’ as a nod to his infamous Dr. Steve Bruel character as a silly actOR.

As for the picture, I hoped to find something with better quality, but it turns out not too many people outside of our silly little CBB corner of the internet know that PFT did JCR so well, thus, there weren’t already dozens of photoshopped images of one with the face of the other. My photoshop skills are very beginner, so please forgive the disconcerting image of PFT smiling stitched crudely into JCD’s head. I tried to get an AI generated image, but I didn’t find a ‘free’ generator before it came time to post. If you want to donate an image or some credits to get an image created by AI, I’d gladly update the video’s image and repost.


BTW… coming up next, I got a request for a Supercut for The Time Keeper! That will be a very long one, so it will have to be separated into multiple parts for sure.

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