Wow Machine Radio creates unique promos, voice-overs, and announcements to fit any need. This promotional spot was created using copyright-free video edited together to expand the humor of this parody sponsored ad-spot.

Remastered Analog and AM Radio Tracks

We specialize in remastering audio from old, analogue sources like cassette tapes and making them sound better by removing static, audio artifacts, glitches, and background noise. We can even improve the sound of digital recordings for live interviews by boosting or lowering levels so each speakers sound as good as possible to listeners.

Here are examples of scratchy analog or old AM radio broadcasts that we have digitally remastered. Listen to a few seconds from one and hear the difference by playing the other; the 1st player will pause so you can listen to bits from each.

Tracks of AM Radio Recording from Over-The-Air Signal to Reel-to-Reel Archive and Digitized to .mp3 files

Spectrum audio visualization

The same tracks after normalizing volume, removing hiss, spectral noise, & adding EQ/compression

Voice-Overs, Announcing, & Narration

Neutral American male accent perfect for commercials, academic narration, voice-overs for videos, or TV and radio announcements, promos, and station IDs.

This “Station Identification” ID for Wow Machine Radio features an 8-bit soundtrack of a Star Wars theme with an amplified announcement with added reverb.

Recorded as special promotional announcement that was featured on a limited LPFM radio station “The Bunny” during the musical band Phish’s Magnaball Festival and simulcast on SiriusXM Radio in 2015.

This comedic promo for Wow Machine Radio highlights Christopher King’s dynamic inflections and vocal range.

Here are some of the videos voiced by Christopher King for the libertarian think tank The Center for a Stateless Society. Chris’s vocal talents also include the ability to read dry, political theory or articles about hot-button issues and current events in a down-to-earth yet authoritative manner that is compelling, easy to listen to, and trust.

Podcast Executive Producing, Editing, & Distribution

Podcasts are more popular than ever, but most are not good because regardless of how good the content is, no one wants to listen to badly mixed intro music or unprofessional sounding interviews and that’s if the public even finds the podcast among the thousands of others that get posted everyday. Let us help you develop a podcast from your idea and we’ll figure out the best way to record, assemble segments with intro & outro music, and get your show posted and indexed so that it is distributed to listeners all over the world. Wow Machine Radio is here to help potential podcasters realize their dream!

Christopher B. King’s Resume