Pivot and Leverage

Welcome to the first post of the rest of this blog.

There are some exciting changes coming to Wow Machine Radio! Don’t worry, we’ll still be offering randomized, shuffled music on our live stream as we have been since July 2016. In addition to the “pirate radio” stream, we’re excited to announce a whole new phase for the Wow Machine Radio brand!

We’re thrilled to announce we’re going to be expanding with offering audio mixing and podcast editing and producing original podcasts! We’re still in the early stages, but our first show will be a retrospective podcast about the 90’s sitcom NewsRadio.

Keep checking back as we build out this site with a portfolio of example audio clips we’ve fixed, voice-overs and announcements, and other services we’ll be providing. It is going to be a difficult launch, but with your support we’ll be able to transition from a streaming hobby to a full career.

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