Ugly Website

So I got a little template crazy and have ended up with an ugly mess of a website. I’m sorry for your eyes having to look at some of these colors. What happened was I started fiddling with the colors on the individual elements instead of the at the higher template level. By the time I’d changed several settings and colors, I changed pages and realized I’d need to do the same thing all over again for every page. To make it worse, I’d been setting colors by hand while my browser was showing the site to me in dark mode. Ugh.

From that point on, every tweak I tried to make made it uglier and uglier. I really want to get this site finished and functional, so I’m ploughing through filling in content after wasting over a week on formatting, all of which has been overwritten.

Please don’t judge this site too harshly yet. My goal for the site it to be a home for the pirate radio stream as well as to make it a showcase or portfolio site for to show off my audio editing and processing freelance work.

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