Wow Machine Radio Sounds A Lost Mr. Show with Bob and David Sketch

A Lost Mr. Show with Bob and David Sketch

With news of an upcoming Comedy Bang! Bang! The Podcast book to be released next Spring, I thought I’d help celebrate by reconnecting to CBB’s roots in Mr. Show with Bob and David.

Here is a lost Mr. Show sketch that was later produced for Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang podcast. It is a promo for a “Broadway Ave.” production of “ROOMS! The Musical” where the rooms of a house are fully realized personifications with personalities a la Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with the talking clocks and tea set.

The history as they explained was the idea itself used to make the writers of Mr. Show laugh in the writers’ room back in the day, but they never could figure out how to properly “stage” such a production to make a promo parody with scenes from the show….. they did figure out how to “stage” “RAP! The Musical” with the acerbic satire they wanted for Rooms, so that one got made instead. But they always wanted to come back to it and make it for real.

RAP! The Musical contains No Rap Music.

So flash forward to about the time when the Mr. Show gang all got together and recorded the “Hollywood Said NO!” audio book. The gang got together and adapted the idea for “radio”.

So, enjoy “ROOMS! The Musical” — A Lost Mr. Show Sketch.

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